Ameconst International Ltd is not just a machinery whole-trader or distributor. We offer our customers full-scale technical support providing for timely resolution of their production process needs and requirements with regard to existing fleet of machinery and equipment, its successful and problem-free operation, failure prevention and timely repair, enhancement and enlargement of existing production capacities in due time and at reasonable cost.

Our specialized team of service engineers is experienced and able to provide the following services:

  • check machine’s or equipment’s condition and find all parts that require to be repaired or replaces, and fill in an inspection report for each;
  • advise on measures of failure prevention policies;
  • arrange for reparation or replacement of required parts and components in a timely manner to avoid downtime losses;
  • provide assistance, expertise and advice in arranging customer’s own technical servicing subdivision including supplying required tools and equipment;
  • arrange for maintenance and after-sales full scale technical support of supplied machines and equipment;
  • provide for training of customer’s personnel for correct and careful operation of supplied machinery and equipment including special courses with manufacturer’s engineers or technicians at customer’s premises or at a factory.