Ameconst International Ltd is proud to serve its customers worldwide by offering wide range of machinery, equipment and spare parts. We strive to meet the needs of many industries including construction, forestry, agricultural, mining and others. We provide new and used construction equipment as well as long-term maintenance, technical support and advice.



Thank you for visiting our website!Ameconst International Ltd is a global general machinery, equipment and spare parts trading company and authorized distributor engaged in both domestic and overseas businesses focusing on customers from Latin American countries.

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Our company offers a wide range of products, machinery and equipment mainly in the field of construction:

Construction Machinery and Equipment

  • ¬†Lifting and material handling

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Ameconst International Ltd is not just a machinery whole-trader or distributor. We offer our customers full-scale technical support providing for timely resolution of their production process needs and requirements with regard to existing fleet of machinery and

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